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Research Personel Continously Improves Product Quality



Hydrogels are widely used in the medical industry for purposes such as electro therapy, wound care and more applications are still being researched. The physical characteristics of hydrogel includes excellent adhesiveness, good electrical conductivity and most importantly the biocompatibility with human & animals.

Self-Adhesive Hygrogel Electrode>>

Wandy supplies a number of well known brand hydrogels, including our self-produced gels to our electrodes. The electrodes are being assembly in a clean environment with skilled operators and advanced equipments to ensure the best user experience.

TENS & other electronic units>>

Wandy's electronic design & research team is capable of designing, testing and fabricating numerous of medical electronic products. Which includes but not confined to TENS and Thermal Therapy.

Protective Therapy Garments>>

We are capable of designing & producing theraputic & protective garments which is used for rehabilitation. Our singniture product is TENS electro on protective belt and more.


Product Quality Assurance

A. Incoming inspection

    Essential tests are performed to ensure raw materials quality before production

B. Product Orientation Test Monitoring

    During the assembly stages, sample test or full tests are performed to ensure every unit is good in orientation

C. Electrical Tests

    Electrical tests are performed to all electronic units to ensure every unit maintain standard specification, Electrical tests are also performed on all electrodes to ensure the distribution of current and the impedance are upto standards.

D. Physical Tests

    Physical tests such as adhesiveness, wire pulling and enviromental compactibility are also being tested for all of our products.

E. Packaging

    Final packaing inpection include the apperance & sampling of the tests mentioned above.


No. of Employee: 6
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Q.C. Equipment:

  • Resistance and Current Analyzers
  • Pulling Test Device
  • Multimeters