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Product ID: EM-Series

  Wandy's latest product development that offers the world its first Far-Infrared and Negative Ion electrodes.  This innovative electrode line offer great benefits of Far-Infrared energy, such as increasing blood flow, boosting metabolism and stimulate our bodies natural healing mechanisms. The negative ions, on the other hand, provide the advantage of neutralizing harmful positive ions. The immediate result of negative ions' influence on our bodies is improved alertness & concentration. The long term benefits of negative ions are a better immune system, which will ultimately lead to improved health.

Both Far-Infrared energy and Negative Ion are naturally occurring elements found in our everyday environment. Now, at Wandy, we proudly present the Enetrodes - the energized electrodes, to revolutionize the pain relief experience of all TENS/EMS users worldwide!

►CE0120    ►GMP   ►SGS Certified   ►FDA 510k OTC  ►SFDA ►Health Canada

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